Universal Health Insurance. What About…?

Authors McLure, Enthoven, and McDonald make a thoughtful argument about good health is a good investment. We are all pushing a rock until the incentives change to reward doing more with less. http://healthaffairs.org/blog/2017/07/25/universal-health-insurance-why/ One point, and one question. The point. Our system is NOT ready for effective price transparency and education. That will be […]

Fake Plan in Repealing ACA

Here’s a writer that butchers the repeal of The Affordable Care Act with this piece last week.

Upon repeal of the ACA, she suggests addressing the loss of guaranteed issue (i.e., can’t deny coverage for those with pre-existing conditions) with the use of high risk pools.

The concept of high risk pools is not misplaced […]

What Would I Prioritize to Reform Health Care?

Last night at a gathering with friends I was asked what best addresses the problems in healthcare. I’m writing this now because my answers left me feeling like I had not done my best.

My first response is a good one… “it depends on your goals.” Financial sustainability? Improved health of a community? Lower death […]

Billing a Trivial Case

My teenage son presented at a local hospital-affiliated express care clinic complaining of a persistent sore throat. The nurse examined him and ordered a throat culture to test for strep.

He was sent home with no prescriptions, only instructions to get rest. It seems to have been a mild case. Indeed, we heard a few […]

Integrity and Expectations

Michael Greeley’s post today “When a Unicorn Stumbles…” describes the ups and ups and downs and ups of unicorn ventures.

Zenefits is mentioned as an example of how the “up” may sometimes nose-over to a “down” quickly. In the Zenefits case he highlights, insurance regulators are looking into whether employees were licensed to sell group […]

What About Customers?

In Jack’s post today “Five Questions That Makes Strategy Real” he reminds us that strategy is a living activity, not a presentation to over-prepare and review at headquarters. Or as some have said, review over and over and over, ending in no action whatsoever. Instead, Jack says, “You pick a general direction and implement like […]

Rebuilding Site

January 2016

Please pardon the thin appearance of the Patagon Site. A friend signaled the site had been hacked. Since then the site is being simplified and made more secure. Thank you for your patience.

This was a lesson learned. I didn’t detect the hack because only those who visited via search engine (google, bing,…) […]